Clip on personal alarms for runners

Posted on 24 Mar 18:12

Do you ever feel unsafe whilst running by yourself? 
We've been researching the market for some time now and trying to find a small personal attack alarm for runners has not been easy.  We were pleased to come across this new alarm design it is so easy to use and comfortable to run with, without having to hold in your hand or put it in your pocket where it is not easy accessible.

 As keen runners ourselves, there has often been vulnerable moments when running, even in the lighter evenings, you can never be so sure.

This alarm is very straight forward and easy to use, it is basically a clip that attaches to your clothing, and grips well.  It's hands free unlike other alarms that you have to attach to a keyring or carry in your hand or pocket.   When the clip becomes unattached the alarm goes off simple as that.  The alarm is small and light and does not cause discomfort or distraction whilst enjoying your run.  The alarm has been developed using advice from safety experts and police.  It may be small but it is very very loud!


It's a small price to pay for safety at only £9.88

Here is a  great article from Runners World  on running safety.

Small personal safety alarm for runners and walkers