Selfie sticks you don't realise you need one until you have one!

Posted on 24 Jun 13:04

So you can't go anywhere these days without seeing someone taking a selfie, we have all gone selfie mad!  But now we have taken it a step further with the Selfie Stick, why on earth would you want to carry around a stick in your bag when you can just easily get someone else to take the picture!  

Well that's just it, I don't like handing my phone over to a stranger and not just that you have to spend 5 minutes explaining yourself on how to use your phone.  So as the selfie stick fits snuggly in your bag it's the easiest way to get everyone in the picture and you never know when that perfect selfie moment arrives when no one is about to take your picture.

Our Selfie Sticks are Bluetooth enabled, this is the most simple and easiest selfie stick on the Market.  Costs are £9.99 with free postage & packing.  They make ideal presant guaranteed to put a smile there face! Selfie Stick - Wireless Bluetooth Remote for mobile phones

Bluetooth enables selfie stick