Gingko Brick Click Alarm Clock - Available in 5 colour variants


This ultra modern Brick rechargeable Walnut click alarm clock with Green LED display can tell you the time, date and temperature at the click of your fingers and automatically switches off when the room is quiet, lighting up again when the alarm goes off or as a response to sounds such as tapping on the bedside table or clapped hands.

We now stock the brick Click clock in the following colour variations.

  • GK15G8 - Brick Click Clock Walnut with Green LED
  • GK15W11 - Brick Click Clock Beech with White LED
  • GK15W6 - Brick Click Clock Aluminium with White LED
  • GK15R8 - Brick Click Clock Walnut with Red LED
  • GK15W13 - Brick Click Clock White with White LED

Features include the following... 

  • Displays time, date and temperature alternately  
  • Sound activated display or permanent display settings 
  • 3 different alarms setting with clever snooze function 
  • 5/7 days alarm settings 
  • Automatic dimmer function (the clock will dim 2/3 automatically between 21:00 -7:00) 
  • 12/24 Hours or Celsius/Fahrenheit format can be selected  
  • Internal battery included to keep your custom settings in case of sudden power cut  
  • Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery for a WIRE-FREE display 
  • 5V-500mA AC/DC UK / US / EU charging adapter included  
  • Material: MDF wood box with walnut wood-effect veneer finish 
  • LED display colour: Now available in 5 colour variations
  • Product size: 150x45x100mm 
  • Product weight: 480g 

We think this is the perfect Alarm clock with very modern features and is the perfect unique and clever home accessory, especially if you don't like a bright light shining in your face at night. 

Also makes the ideal Christmas gift or great for Birthdays.