Duracell Plus Power D LR20 Batteries | Pack of 2


Duracell Plus Power D batteries are the perfect choice for ultra-demanding devices that require long-lasting power. Also known as an MN1300 or LR20, these batteries are used in a wide variety of items from toys, torches and radios, giving them long lasting power.
Duracell are ideal for daily use since they now last even longer and also offer reliable high-energy output, longer shelf life, good low-temp performance, and great value for your money.
Choose from our wide range of premium AA, AAA, C, D, Duracell batteries variants to enjoy plus performance from your trusted devices.

Duracell's manufacturing techniques are certified for quality and environmental friendliness. They are mercury free and packaged in cardboard that’s 85% recycled material.


  • Chemistry: Alkaline Battery
  • EAN: 5000394038189
  • Item per card: x 2 pieces
  • Voltage: 1.5v
  • Dimensions: (H) 62mm x Diameter 34mm
  • Regular codes: D, LR20, MN1300, MX1300, LR20/XL, AM-1, AM1, MONO
  • Usage: Bike Lights, Torches, Radios, Keyboards,Toys etc

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