Galaxy Dome Table Light with 350 LED's Large - Available in Brown or Black


The galaxy dome table lamp is a unique table light that consists of a glass dome which houses, energy efficient LED string lights. When the dome is switched on the LED's create beautiful miniature spots of light which, from a distance, look like stars in the night sky. The resulting appearance of the many LED's is a 'galaxy of stars' caught in a beautiful glass vessel. The table lamp is supplied with a dimmer switch to allow full control of the light's brightness.

Product Features...

  • The LED string lights are placed in the glass domes in a random fashion. This creates a chaotic, yet dramatic, arrangement of lights that afford the product a distinctive look unlike any other table light.
  • Users can place a single dome on a shelf or fireplace mantle to provide atmospheric lighting, or a cluster of domes on a coffee table or sideboard for a stunning focal point.
  • The LED's dissipate very little heat and are energy efficient, using only 6-12W of power. This means the Domes never get hot to the touch and they are cheap to run over long periods.
  • The low power consumption makes the Galaxy Dome suitable for use over extended periods of time, without worry of the surfaces getting hot to the touch or your electricity bills soaring. The light can be used on long, dark winter evening, during dinner parties or even as night lights.
  • The LED's are rated with a life time of 100,000 hours. That means, if you switched on the light and left it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the LED's would work for over 11 years.
  • Each dome is supplied with an inline dimmer switch to allow full control over the brightness of the LED's.
  • Supplied with a 3 pin UK plug 
  • Each product is made by hand in India. Due to the hand made element there may be small flaws visible in the glass dome or wooden base.
  • Colours: Transparent glass bell jar with brown lacquered wood or distressed black wood finish
  • Product Dimensions: (H) 360 x (W) 170mm
  • Weight: 2.0 kg

Note: We stock the Galaxy Dome's in 3 sizes!

  • Small item 22001 - 125 LED's - (H) 280 x (W) 130mm 
  • Oval item 22002 - 200 LED's - (H) 230 (L) 200 (W) 120mm
  • Large item 22003 - 350 LED's - (H) 360 x (W) 170mm