Gingko Click Clock Cube LED Alarm Clock - Available in 12 colour variants


The Gingko Cube Click Alarm Clock isn't just stylish - it's clever too: the clock responds to both sound and touch, so just click your fingers or tap the bedside table and the display will come to life. This clock's easy to read display allows you to always keep abreast of the time, date and temperature - plus its handy alarm and snooze functions mean its sure to wake even the soundest of sleepers.

No longer does your room have to be illuminated by a constant blinking digital glow, nor do you have to struggle to find your smartphone in the darkness especially if you don't like a bright light shining in your bedroom at night.

Features include the following...

Displays time, date and temperature alternatively
Sound activated LED display or if preferred can be displayed permanently
Three alarm settings with snooze function
12/24 hour or Celsius / Fahrenheit format can be selected
Built in dimmer function (The clock will dim automatically between 21:00 - 7:00am).
Permanent display function
Internal battery included to keep your custom settings in case of sudden power cut
Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries or 5v-500mA AC/DC plug adapter (USB adapter cable included) - Batteries sold separately
Product size: 68 mm x 68 mm x 68 mm
Now stocked in 12 colour variants see list below.
Outside material is made from ABS plastic wood or Aluminium effect, in a high quality finish.

We believe this is the perfect Alarm clock with very modern features and is the perfect unique and clever home accessory, especially if you don't like a bright light shining in your face at night.

Colours include...

GK08G8 - Walnut with Green LED
GK08B10 - Black with Blue LED
GK08G11 - Beech with Green LED
GK08B6 - Aluminium with Blue LED
GK08R8 - Walnut with Red LED
GK08R4 - Teak with Red LED
GK08W10 - Black with White LED
GK08W13 - White with White LED
GK08G12 - Ash with Green LED (NEW)
GK08R9 - Copper with Red LED (NEW)
GK08W6 - Aluminium with White LED
GK08W5 - Marble with White LED (NEW)

Now stocked in over twelve colour variants so there is a choice to suit everybody.